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Based in Mountain View, California, in the geographical center of Silicon Valley, Richard and David Speakman each have more than two decades of experience in working technology, start-up, and legal industries.

Separately and together, they've been involved in LGBT civil rights for decades. Read more about media coverage of them in this area by clicking the In The News link to the left.


DAVID SPEAKMAN - david@speakman.io

With an undergraduate education in business and organizational communication, journalism/public relations & graphic design and a law degree with an emphasis on intellectual property, David has more than two decades in reportorial, research, editing, design and management experience in various professional media and legal work, specializing as a hired gun for Silicon Valley-based start-ups and legal firms in the following areas:

  • PRODUCT/PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Focuses on working with a core group of creatives (everything from journalists to designers to software engineers) to enable them to meet goals - on time - and within budget.
  • IP and GENERAL LEGAL document assistance: Writing, editing and filing of legal documents. I have worked on cases ranging from U.S. Supreme Court to filing provisional and other patent prosecution paperwork with the U.S. Patent and trademark office to jobs as small as assisting self-represented clients fill out and file family law documents here in Silicon Valley.
  • CONTRACT/FREELANCE WRITING & EDITING: More than 20 years of experience as a paid writer and editor in print. TV, and the web - with a focus on technology, intellectual property, legal analysis, and technical writing. Extensive experience in working on strict deadline and thrive in environments others think are too stressful. Past writing experience includes deadline content writing, marketing-oriented white papers, as well as the design and editing of periodicals. (LinkedIn Profile)
  • BRANDING: Works with design teams on developing websites, blogs, logos, branding and trademarks. Everything from setting up WordPress blogs to filing and defending trademarks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


RICHARD SPEAKMAN - rich@speakman.io - Resume PDF

Richard D. B. Speakman has served as a Human Resources and Administrative Manager for a number of Silicon Valley startups for more than a decade. Solid ability to develop and motivate successful, diverse and productive work teams. Global thinker with a technical foundation and a goal oriented management style. Strong supplier of exceptional results. (LinkedIn Profile)

  • OFFICE/FACILITIES MANAGEMENT: When startups need a rock star to handle administrative side so they can focus on their product or services. Real estate negotiation, facility workplace design, HR, recruiting, payroll, purchasing, and bookkeeping.
  • EVENT PROGRAMING: Scheduling, Prep/tear down, vendor relations, management of temp/event contract staff to ensure quality control and best corporate image is presented to attendees..
  • IT MANAGEMENT: Making sure that the correct technology is acquired and implemented to maximize productivity and cost effectiveness.